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Standard form calculator

The standard form converter converts the given number to:

  • Scientific notation
  • Real number
  • E-Notation, and
  • Engineering notation

Standard notation converter accepts values both in exponential and decimal form and converts the input to standard form in a heartbeat.

Keep on reading if you are interested in standard form definition, how to find standard form without standard form generator, and a few examples of standard or scientific notation.

How does it work?

  • Enter the number in the input box.
  • Click the Convert button.
  • The standard form calculator will convert the number into four different notations.

What is standard form in math?

Do you know what does standard form mean?

Standard Form is the term in mathematics that is used for converting long or complex numbers into the simplest form for reducing the difficulty to read the number.

It is a way to express very small or very long numbers.


The scientific notation calculator can be used for converting complex numbers into a readable format.

Large mathematical number like given below is difficult to read. But, after it is converted into the standard form, it becomes easier to read.

Number: 5630000000000

Standard Form: 5.63 x 1012

Here is the example of conversion of small numbers into the standard form:

Number: 0.0000067833

Standard Form: 6.7833-6

How to write in standard form manually?

Below, we have explained the step-by-step conversion of a number into the standard format.


Convert 0.000381 to standard form.


Step 1: Write down the number.


Step 2: Find the decimal point in the number and if the decimal point is not there then it would be declared at the end of the number, on the right side.

Step 3: Place the decimal after the first non-zero digit and remove any leading or trailing zeros. In this case:

The number becomes,

Step 4: Now, count the number of positions you have changed for the decimal. Raise the total number of positions moved, to the power of 10. In this case, we have moved the decimal to 4 positions.

Keynote: If the decimal is moved from left to right, place the negative sign with the exponent. If the decimal is moved from right to left, raise the power as a positive integer


0.000381 = 3.81 × 10-4

Use the standard notation calculator to cross-check the answers.


What is the standard form of a Million?

The standard form of 1 million is 1 x 106.

What is Standard Fraction?

The Standard Form of the fractions is known as the Standard Form. When the numerator and denominator are co-prime then it is considered to be written in the standard form. But for this, both the numbers shouldn’t have a common factor of 1 e.g. 5/6, 11/12.

What is the standard form of the quadratic function?

The general way of writing the quadratic function is:

f(x) = ax2 + bx + c

In Standard form, it is written as:

f(x) = a(x-h)2 + k

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